“As a counsellor for over 30 years, I have found many teachers and mentors to support my own journey psychologically, physically, emotionally and spiritually which has in turn enabled me to help clients in their journey.

In my view, these cards are exceptional, in their capacity to heal, empower and show us the way forward. They touch our lives in a very real way because birds do just that, they are all around us and show themselves so that we may be inspired by their presence, the design of their nests and their song which touches a part of us that is ancient and pure spirit. Other cards, books, teachings have come and gone but these endure.

I cannot speak highly enough of these beautifully illustrated cards and their practical and spiritual power and potency. They highlight a wonderful resource in the world at a time when we need the heart and spirit to value what is right in front of us.”

~ Maggie Yaxley Smith
, www.counsellingcasestories.wordpress.com

“I have developed an awe and respect for the power, ease and inspiration available to me when I work consciously with the bird kingdom through the Bird Cards. It seems to provide a portal into another stream of consciousness which supports me in my daily life, and I have experienced extraordinary synchronicities many times” ~ Liz Mackenzie